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The 3L3phants project is an NFT collection consisting of 7777 unique 3L3's. Priding ourselves as leaders in community driven projects where holders come first, 3L3 places both the community and our charitable mission at the heart of our utility and goal. Each 3L3phant stomps on the Ethereum Blockchain as a Non Fungible Token comprised of distinctive traits and 'DNA', ensuring each 3L3 is unique and special when they stampede on to Web3.



Quantity and Price?

7777 Collection @ 0.03 E WL, Public Sale @ 0.03 E Ξ 3L3phants NFT will be on the Ethereum chain.

Official mint date?

14th July 2022, 12pm EST.

How to get on the Whitelist aka 3L3list?

We will be running giveaways through Twitter, Instagram and our Discord channel. Playing games, doing contests, and giving slots to genuine friends of the 3L3phants. Certain communities will have allocated slots. No invite tracker, No level grind, Just vibes!

Maximum Mint?

The maximum mint per wallet will be 3 mints.


Roadmap will be up ⬆️︱Roadmap 2.0 will be unrevealed post mint.